Family Dispute Resolution Career opportunities continue to grow throughout Australia

Although many professionals who qualify as family dispute resolution practitioners (FDRPs) choose to become self employed private practitioners, there are also many full and part time positions available that offer great career choices.

Professionals in Psychology, Law, Family Law, Social Work and Mediation represent a majority of those who choose to study the CHC81115 Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution; however, there are pathway programs available that allow anyone to study for this qualification.

FDR is compulsory in fulfilling the requirements of the Australian Family Court for family dispute resolution prior to family court orders. This enables Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners to issue the required 60i certificate to the Family Court of Australia.

Full and Part-Time job opportunities for FDRPs

Throughout the year and throughout Australia, one can find many job opportunities with Family Relationship Centres and other organisations that could suit all sorts of lifestyles.

One great way of finding out the types of career opportunities on offer for FDRP’s is to look on the internet for current requests on sites such as these:

There are many of these job sites available and we recommend that you spend some time browsing through them.


Self Employed Private Practice

FDRPs who follow a path of self employed private practice face challenges that all new businesses may face.  Some of which may include: Marketing, Promotion, Business Set Up Costs and the like.  There are professional organisations designed to assist FDRP professionals in presenting themselves in the industry.

One of these organisations is the Australian Mediation Register

The Australian Mediation Register is an independent Register of mediators who meet benchmark standards of quality.

This website gives free access to information about people who practice all kinds of mediation. The data is updated by these mediators at least once a year.

The Australian Mediation Register (AMR) aims to re-assure people about the quality of the mediator they select. The common standards that the mediators on this site comply with are set in accordance with the Australian National Mediator Standards as well as those mediators registered under the Attorney-General’s Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner accreditation standards.


Good Luck with your decision to qualify as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner!