Mindful Mediator - Master Mediator - A New Set of Skills. “The Mindful Conversation” - 2 Day Workshop

Brisbane 2 Day Workshop: 10 & 11 April 2017
Level 2, 199 Ann Street, Brisbane City Qld 4000

This workshop introduces mediators and ADR practitioners to the concept and practice of mindfulness plus additional skills to incorporate into your ADR practice – essentially the ability to have a mindful conversation.

A mindful conversation is founded in the practice of mindfulness and is about utilising the additional skills of mindful listening, looping and dipping.

Mindfulness is a foundational skill, in that you bring your state of mind to every moment of your life. An improvement on this level improves everything. The practice of mindfulness involves developing an open and clear-sighted perspective on life.

Mindfulness and Mediation

ADR practitioners who practice mindfulness have demonstrated greater overall empathy, self-preservation and resilience. For ADR practitioners, empathy and facilitation are two of the key interpersonal soft skills that are extremely important to assist parties in dispute to identify issues and explore possible outcomes for resolution.

This workshop explores the practice of a mindful conversation. Then, using examples and exercises, provides a framework for how ADR practitioners can apply mindful conversations to be more present, cultivate empathy, and listen to their own cues.

Being mindful gives ADR practitioners the opportunity to recognise and respond skillfully to whatever is arising in the moment, even in the heat of conflict. To strengthen your ability to be mindful at work you will be introduced to the practice of mindfulness, which, over time, increases mental acuity and focus, promotes freedom from habitual judgments and reactions, builds our capacity to be fully present in the moment to better assist parties in resolving their issues. Practicing mindfulness lowers stress and promotes clarity and calm.

Presented by Callum Campbell, CEO Australian Mediation Association and Manish Singh – Brisbane Mindfulness.

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