From beginner levels to post graduate awards, we combine dispute resolution theory with practice in our Mediation Courses. Presented in a timely and convenient format for today’s professional requirements.


Through a range of Mediation Courses, the professional staff at Mediator Training Academy offer you the opportunity to obtain the mediation process. You'll gain the knowledge and skills to qualify as a Nationally Accredited Mediator and/or a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

This is in accordance with the Australian National Mediator Standards. It also serves as a way of obtaining the Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution.

These qualifications allow service under the Family Law (Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners) Regulations 2008.

Our Academy is associated with and endorsed by the Australian Mediation Association, which has a membership of 2700 professionals throughout Australia. Mediator Training Academy boasts an Academic Advisory Board of mediation teaching professionals, which are among the most qualified in Australia.

This ensures that the Academy has the ability to provide ongoing support to participants in our mediation courses through our mediator supervision and continuing professional development.

The Mediator Training Academy offers a variety of mediation courses ranging from beginner levels to advanced programs for seasoned mediators. We tailor our courses to meet the needs of our clients.

The training combines ADR theory with practice. As with all our courses, the participants will have ample opportunity to practice the skills learned with simulations and role-plays.

Our mediation courses are ‘hands-on’ and interactive. We believe that all participants require an understanding in the theoretical aspects of mediation training and negotiation as well as the practical application of the mediation process and skills. See also: Mediation Explained