In-House Conflict Resolution and Mediation Workshops

There is an ancient proverb that says, “you can feed a man a meal of fish and he will be satisfied that day. Or you can teach a man how to fish and he will be satisfied for the rest of his life”. Our sentiments exactly.

In an increasingly collaborative business environment, continued success often depends on the ability of individuals, teams and organisations with mutual interests to work smoothly together. Costs of conflict can often be avoided with the establishment of systems that promote collaboration and stop disagreements from becoming expensive disputes.

We don’t just train individuals to become mediators; we develop professionals with tools and techniques to help them deliver better and more profitable businesses. We understand the benefits conflict management tools and techniques bring to individuals and therefore to businesses.

Working with both our delegates and trainers we have developed conflict resolution and management training courses aimed at supporting all business and legal operations to help increase service delivery levels and client value. Our practical business programs all aim to achieve this but through different mediums.

Of course if you simply want to become a mediator or acquire advanced specialist skills then you need look no further for a training provider. We continually fine-tune our approach to produce interactive and innovative programs. 

The AMA offers a range of courses, mediation workshops and seminars which can be tailored to a specific orientation (e.g. Commercial, Family, Community of Workplace environments). Our standard training courses, workshops and seminars include:

Accredited Mediation Training Course 5 days –(6 days for Accreditation) – this practical training program incorporates simulations and exercises in mediation and critical appraisal of the mediation process. This course is typically run in-house privately with organisations and not open to individuals and the public. This is our bread and butter … our core program. Using cutting edge techniques and philosophies we work closely with large government and private corporations to assist them to manage people displaying varying degrees of volatility and aggression.

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Mediation Workshops

In-House Training (IHT) – Mediation Workshops for managers and employees across all industries and sectors. Customized and conducted on-site at your convenience to prepare your internal HR and other professionals to be trained in the core competencies for managing conflict throughout your organization. These are tailored courses specifically designed to your business’ requirements from contract negotiation to resolving workplace disputes, to building a stronger, more productive and better performing workplace.

Program Length - The length of the training will be determined by your need and we have run half-day sessions, full day workshops and courses of several days duration. We modify each program to suit your budget and your requirements, using examples from your actual organisation to make the information more relevant. We can also vary the course times to suit you.

Commercial Resolution Training (CRT) – specific mediation workshops targeted at negotiation and the resolution of multi-party disputes.