Academic Advisory Board

Mediator Training Academy engages an Academic Advisory Board, who possess a collection of experience in both training and practical areas, unparalleled in the mediation training community.

Our experienced board are actively involved in all areas of learner development from course writing, to delivery, practical assistance and ongoing professional support.

Advisory Board Members

Callum Campbell

B.Com University of Queensland; LLB University of Queensland; Graduate Diploma Law (Dispute Management Law) University of Queensland, Certificate IV Training & Assessment.

Callum was recently named the “Leading Preventive Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution Expert of the Year, Australia”, by the 2018 Leading Adviser Awards.

Callum has been at the forefront of mediation in Australian jurisdictions and further afield internationally through his role as CEO of the Australian Mediation Association (AMA). In particular, through the establishment of the AMA he was able to provide online dispute resolution training, which has become widely accepted throughout the dispute resolution industry.

He has promoted this form of ADR training not only through the internet, but also through presentations and discussions internationally. Callum’s success in assisting others to develop professionally is based on a deep-seated belief in, and a passion for, mediation.

He works as a senior teacher and research member with Bond University’s Dispute Resolution Centre, as well as a trainer and assessor for other ADR organisations. Callum recently won an award from the Resolution Institute in Australia for his Contribution to the Professional Development of Others in Dispute Resolution for his ADR work. Callum is an accredited mediator, FDRP, adjudicator and facilitator.

Linda Kochanksi

Linda has a legal background and worked in the areas of Criminal and Family Law predominantly before moving to dispute resolution.

In 2018, self-professed ‘pracademic’ Linda was awarded two major honours: Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (‘FDRP’) of the Year and Alternative Dispute Resolution (‘ADR’) Academic of the Year. What she enjoys most about her work and teaching is the advice she has to offer practitioners looking to succeed in ADR and FDRP.

Since 1993 Linda has been a practising mediator having gained her initial training at Relationships Australia Queensland. She specialises in family and other relationship mediation and holds both National accreditation and registration as a FDRP. She continues to mediate today in a variety of mediums including telephone and online.

She has been a mediation trainer, supervisor and course designer since 1996. She trains on a number of mediation and negotiation courses across the country. Linda recently held the position of Co-Director of the Dispute Resolution Centre (Bond University) and has now taken up a position with the College of Law as Practice Leader FDRP and Mediation Programs.

In that role she has run workshops nationally in all aspects of FDRP practice. Linda has presented nationally and internationally on family mediation and dispute resolution and has been published in nationally recognised mediation and legal journals.

Jason Gautreaux

CEO: International College of Education for Sustainability (provider code: 22487), College of Education Services, I.C.E.S., C.E.S.

Previous CEO Positions:  International Education Management and Marketing, International College of Creative Arts, I.C.P.P. (Australia, Asia, North America)

Jason is originally from the United States and attended Louisiana State University. He immigrated to Australia in 1988 and has been involved in tertiary education for over 25 years. Prior to 2008, he held the CEO position for the International College of Creative Arts with campuses in 3 continents.

After working on environmental education projects for a short time, he partnered I.C.E.S. with the Australian Mediation Association in order to deliver the CHC81115 Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution with the assistance of the AMA and the Mediator Training Academy.

The Graduate Diploma is delivered entirely online offering participants an opportunity to utilise cutting edge technology in order to obtain the Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner qualification through the Australian Attorney General’s department. This delivery system has achieved multiple awards and is held in high regard throughout Australia.

Jason assists all students from first contact, to the final delivery of the Graduate Diploma qualification, all the while enjoying assisting participants reach their career goals.

Tom Stodulka (AM)

LLB, Grad Dip Strategic Studies and Grad Cert Mediation. Tom Stodulka graduated in Law at Sydney University in 1974.

For the past 20 years he has specialised in mediation, having mediated over 3000 disputes throughout Australia ranging from workplace, family and estate law, to multi-party disputes involving remote indigenous communities.

Tom was a former Director of LEADR, President of the NT Mediation Association and member of the Qld Law Society ADR Committee. He was the founder of the Queensland ADR Forum.

He is an FDRP, has national accreditation in Australia, India, PNG and Hong Kong and is a coach and an assessor at several Universities and the Resolution Institute. In 2013 he was the winner of the Resolution Institute Award for Excellence in the Practice of Dispute Resolution. He mentors and supervises new and experienced mediators.

Tom is the winner of the 2019 Australasian Law Award’s Mediator of the Year as well as Australian ADR Awards 2020 Facilitator of the Year.

Rachael Hempling

BA LLB (University of New England) and currently undertaking a Master of Laws (Dispute Resolution) at Bond University.

Rachael is a barrister and mediator practising predominantly in family, crime and domestic violence law. She has over 12 years’ experience in the legal profession in both Australia and England and Wales. She is a Nationally Accredited Mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner specialising in family mediation.

Since 2013, she has predominately practiced in mediation, favouring resolving disputes out of court as opposed to courtroom litigation.

Rachael is a guest lecturer at Bond University and a volunteer lawyer for people in need at the Robina Community Legal Centre.

She is a strong advocate for empowering families through mediation and brings a practical and grounded approach to working with conflicted families’ members. Rachael believes firmly in equipping practitioners with the skills to protect themselves from regular exposure to highly emotive families in conflict.

Mieke Brandon (AM)

Mieke Brandon, BA (University of Canberra), MSc(App) (University of Western Sydney) is a registered family dispute resolution practitioner, as well as accredited under the National Mediator Standards.

She has more than 30 years’ professional training and consultancy experience and is a co- author of two mediation texts on mediation in the workplace and family environments.  She also has Adult teaching/learning and competency based assessment qualifications and has assisted in updating many training materials accordingly.

Mieke is passionate about best practice and has published extensively on a variety of topics to encourage practitioners to reflect in and on action.

She has presented at conferences in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada and the Netherlands. She teaches and coaches regularly at a range of universities, and conducts National Mediator Standard assessments for these universities as well.