Mediator Training Academy

Specialised nationally-accredited qualifications to meet your education needs and advance your career in Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution

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Mediator Training Academy

Specialised nationally accredited qualifications to meet your education needs and advance your career in Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution

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Welcome to the MTA

At the Mediator Training Academy it is our policy to qualify participants to become professional mediators and/or Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners

Utilising the most convenient and cutting edge education methods available, the Academy will provide unique ongoing professional development and supervision, to ensure our mediation professionals the most promising career options while remaining at the top of their profession.

Our Mediator Training courses provide you with the essential skills and knowledge to become a practicing Mediator and / or Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

Take advantage of a greater understanding of the skills and process involved with legal, workplace, business, family and community disputes.

Mediation is rapidly becoming a secure and lucrative occupation offering the first option in dispute resolution prior to litigation throughout Australia.

Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRPs) are in short supply throughout many parts of Australia.

FDR is compulsory in fulfilling the requirements of the Australian Family Court for family dispute resolution prior to family court orders. This enables Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners to issue the required 60i certificate to the Family Court of Australia.

Mediator Training Academy is associated with and endorsed by the Australian Mediation Association which has a membership of 2700 professionals throughout Australia.

Our mediator qualification courses range from beginner levels to advanced programs for seasoned mediators. We tailor our courses to meet your needs. Begin the enrolment process here.

Mediator Qualification Courses

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Mediation is becoming common in government, private and not for profit sectors

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Careers in Mediation

With increasing use of mediation in Australia, people undertaking mediation training are opening themselves up to an ever-widening variety of career opportunities.

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