Continuing Professional Development

Undertake continual professional development to meet your NMAS and FDRP accreditation requirements.

Continuing Professional Development Program 2015

The proposed CPD program for the AMA is intended to cover mediation skills, practice and specific content areas. The CPD workshops will be identified as either skills sessions or speciality sessions to assist in selection. The program will appeal to mediators from all different disciplines.

Tuesday 20 October (4.00 – 8.00pm AEST) NMAS online course refresher sessions

Join our online NMAS course to refresh the basics in the process and skills application of the facilitative model with Linda Kochanski.

Mediation refresher #2: This webinar will focus on the skills associated with mediation, it will highlight the skills and how best to use them to assist parties in moving through the mediation process.

It will also highlight some of the areas that give both new and experienced mediators difficulty, how to work with the impasses and obstacles that come in mediation and how best to handle highly conflictual parties and situations.

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Wednesday 28 October (5-6.30pm AEST)

Skills session: Mediating effectively in a ‘shuttle’ process

Mediating by way of a shuttle process is common place in many disputes, the difficulty is that sometimes in the shuttle process, the mediation process and its skills are transformed into another type of process. This seminar is designed to identify the pitfalls of shuttle mediation including how confidentiality is dealt with and acknowledgement from one party to another can be communicated to other party in an effective way. The seminar will also look at ways that shuttle mediation can be used effectively for different disputes.

The seminar is designed to give the participants a structure and skills to assist them if they practise in shuttle mediation.

The session will be given by Linda Kochanski (Consultant Trainer with Australian Mediation Association)

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