Mediating Property & Financial Settlements

This online Property Mediation workshop will develop participants’ skills and knowledge. Geared towards helping separating partners, whether they be either married, in a de facto relationship or a same-sex relationship, to resolve issues relating to property matters.

The workshop will provide participants with the legal framework and the necessary process and skills required for mediating property and financial matters in accordance with principles of the Family Court and how property is divided under the Family Law Act 1975.

The mediation workshop is divided into 3 Modules conducted online over one day:

  1. The Law: Property and Finances
  2. Mediating Property and Financial Matters: Process and Skills
  3. Property Mediation Practice: Exercises and Role Plays

Who is the Property Mediation course suitable for?

This workshop is suitable for Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRP’s), NMAS accredited mediators wanting to work in this area and those involved in the mediation of property disputes.

Course Delivery

Property Mediation learning modules are delivered over a period of 3 weeks, as arranged after consultation with our training team. This format is designed as an option for Family Relationship Centres or organisations and providers of mediation services. Minimum numbers apply. Please contact us to discuss.

Cost: $1,100.00 (incl. GST) includes course materials. A certificate of attendance will be awarded upon completion of the workshop.

Property Mediation & Financial Settlements

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