In the wake of COVID19 and continued variants, totally online FDR qualifications and online FDR Mediations are the only professional option.

Due to the large number of professionals wishing to take advantage of home time due to COVID19 restrictions and closures, we have organised an online intake class for MID-YEAR 2021 to allow more FDRP qualifications by completing the CHC81115 Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution.

Mediator Training Academy’s CHC81115 Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution is delivered entirely online and at your own pace.

As a result,

Graduates become skilled in performing TOTALLY ONLINE MEDIATIONS while they complete their qualification.

Online mediations allow Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners to complete mediations electronically anywhere in Australia or overseas.

Family Dispute Resolution Careers continue to grow throughout Australia.

Although many professionals who qualify as family dispute resolution practitioners (FDRPs) choose to become self employed private practitioners, there are also many full and part time positions available that offer great career choices.

FDR is compulsory in fulfilling the requirements of the Australian Family Court for family dispute resolution prior to family court orders. This enables Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners to issue the required 60i certificate to the Family Court of Australia.

This award winning training program is delivered entirely online and participants  “work at their own pace”.

As the participants in this program tend to be working professionals or “super mums” or both, the course is designed to allow students to achieve the qualification as quickly as possible utilising their personal free time.

Most participants complete the qualification or the desired units in 6-12 months.  This allows all students to complete the program from anywhere in the world.
This award winning training method is supported by our Academic Advisory Board which contains some of the most experienced mediators, teachers and writers in Australia.

The Mediator Training Academy is owned by the Australian Mediation Association, which has over 2700 members throughout Australia for industry support.

The AMA will assist graduates with submitting FDRP applications to the Attorney General’s Office, including insurance and compliance mechanisms.