Demand for FDR Practitioners continues to grow as the Australian Family Court’s requirement for family mediation sees higher demand.

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Genuine Steps Certificate

In addition to the requirement to comply with section 60I of the Family Law Act and file a certificate or seek an exemption when parenting orders are sought, both the applicant and respondent to an application for final orders are now required to file a Genuine Steps Certificate, certifying that they have complied with the pre-action procedures and made a genuine attempt to resolve the dispute.

This means more Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner services will be required.

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The court’s expectation is that, where it is safe to do so, parties will avail themselves of every opportunity to participate in dispute resolution:

Parties should undertake mediation or other dispute resolution within six months of filing, before they have spent too much money and have become too entrenched in the system. If they are still unable to settle, they will be sent to trial, which is to commence where possible within 12 months.

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Although many professionals who qualify as family dispute resolution practitioners (FDRPs) choose to become self employed private practitioners, there are also many full and part time positions available that offer great career choices.

FDR is compulsory in fulfilling the requirements of the Australian Family Court for family dispute resolution prior to family court orders. This enables Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners to issue the required 60i certificate to the Family Court of Australia.

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